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It's the most fun monster-collecting game in 2018!


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《Monster Go》 is a elaborate-developed mobile card game that supports Android, Web, and IOS platform at the same time, so you can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere!
In game, you will collect different monsters,complete missions, and become the strongest monster trainer! It's the most fun monster-collecting game in 2018, enjoy yourself in openning capsule and fighting with all kinds of monsters!

【Game Introduction】
《Monster Go》 shocking debuts! Various monsters, The strongest World Boss! Fate bettwen monsters! Monster 3 VS 3! Funny guild system! Arena collide! Login everyday you will get much nice gift, gold coins, diamonds, five-star cards, and equipment! It's the most funny monster game, Do not hesitate it! Come on and have a try!

【Game Features】
-Fighting automatically, Upgrade easily-
No operate, hang up and automatically upgrade, experience gold coins automatically get, help you improve easily!

-Various Monsters-
100 Monsters and you can select them by your preference!

-Hot-blooded Fighting-
Hot-blooded PvP and PvE, Bulid your favorate monsters army!

-Special Skill System-
Magnificent skill effects, Nirvana skill, Awaken skill and unknown Fate Bonus!

-Guild battle-
Rich alliance content, find your game mates here!

【Time-limited Events】
Lv-racing, Login Bonus, Vip Package

【Game Support】
If you have any problem,please get help by:
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