Biblical Verses Prayers to God for PC

Biblical Verses Prayers to God APK

Published by juan carlos lopez

Biblical verses about Jesus, prayers to God of the testament and gospel



Welcome to Biblical Verses and prayers to Jesus our God, in this new application we have grouped the most important texts of the Bible for the prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

All the texts have been specially selected from the new and old testament, gospel, and the Bible, to be grouped in this new application with the intention that in an easy and simple way the user can have them.

For believers and practitioners of the Christian and Catholic religion is very important daily prayer and our knowledge of the sacred scriptures such as the gospel and the testament.

For this our application is updated automatically, with the aim that the user always has new prayers and Bible Verses and his adoration for Jesus our God is growing.

Remember, if you are a practitioner and believer of the Christian and Catholic religion, this new application is totally free.