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TotalBodyUp is the best fitness app on the market for DIY fitness workouts.


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TotalBodyUp is the best fitness app on the market for DIY fitness workouts. The best solution for both men and women that allows you to become your own professional personal trainer.
How many times have you thought about joining a gym, but then you didn’t? It happens all the time. You had a hectic day, you had to look after the kids, you were away for a business trip, or maybe you just weren’t in the right mood for training.
We won’t judge you! We just help you find the right way to train yourself and practice anytime and anywhere, whether you’ll be at the gym or in your living room!
Ready to start your journey to get in shape?
Becoming and staying fit has never been so simple with TotalBody Up. Start seeing tangible results immediately!

Manage your fitness workouts according to your daily commitment schedule and, thanks to a wide range of exercises, reach your goals (get fit, lose or increase weight, stay in shape..) and start to sweat.
All exercises offered by TotalBodyUp are organised by body area (so that you can choose which area you intend to train) and structured by levels (to reduce routines and replace the same old exercises). Crunches, abs, squat, plank.. all sets are organised according to different levels of difficulty, frequency, number of repetitions and rest time.
Say goodbye to expensive workouts with personal trainers at the gym, from this moment on you can be yourself a personal trainer!
If you're looking for an app to exercise at home and take out a few minutes of the day for yourself, you can do this anywhere and anytime with TotalBodyUp, the fitness app you were looking for.
Our easy-to-perform exercises follow a bodyweight training program and do not require any special tools or equipment.
Each exercise is equipped with video tutorials to provide you with the most complete instructions and to help you get the right posture while training.
• discover tons of easy-to-perform exercises available for your workouts
• enjoy clear images for each exercise with full-text instructions
• choose from different body zone targets to plan your exercises (abs, arms & chest, legs, back, etc.)
• explore video tutorials and description section about exercise execution to correct your movements during any workout step
• practice anytime, anywhere: no special equipment needed
• set trainer voice on or off according to your preferences
• diversify your routines with workouts sorted by levels that let you increase counts per set
• skip/pause/resume function timer to let you have the control of your training between each set
• check your performance by final workout recapview
While TotalBodyUp is suitable for people of any age and fitness condition, specific results cannot be guaranteed as they can vary according to each individual’s body. Please seek medical advice and make sure to read our policies before you start.
All TotalBodyUp users can use the app by getting the premium subscription with a free 7-day trial period. Our subscription length lasts one week, and the payment will be charged once you confirm your purchase. Your subscription will renew automatically unless you turn off auto-renew before the end of the current period.
Constructive criticism is always welcome. Our developers, are constantly working to improve the app UX according to our customers’ needs and would love to hear from you. Leave us your kind review and help us develop the best workout app of the store!
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