Reduce Sugar, be sugar smart avoid diabetes type 2 for PC

Reduce Sugar, be sugar smart avoid diabetes type 2 APK

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Reduce Sugar, be Sugar Smart and Free. Avoid avoid diabetes type 2



*******Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Reduce your chance of getting Diabetes.********

* Download the Sugar Free Diet app today and learn about the dangers of sugar.

* It's time to be smart about sugar, and be informed about the problems it can cause. Problems such as Diabetes and high blood pressure.

Many people are opting for a sugar free diet, or using methods to reduce its intake.

Many people don't realise how much sugar they eat during the day. Further more
they don't understand how much sugar they should eat everyday.

Below is how much you should eat each day

Children 4-6 years should have no more than 19 grams(5 cubes) of added sugar each day.

Children 7-10 years should not have more than 24 grams that’s 6 cubes added sugar per day.

• From 11 years upward, you shouldn’t have more than 30 grams(7 grams) of added
sugar per day.

*Learn about the dangers of sugar.
*Understand what sugar is.
*Discover how much sugar you should eat each day.
*Learn how to find those hidden sugars in your food.
*Understand how sugar reacts in your body.
*Learn how to reduce sugar in your diet.
*Focus on the benefits of reducing sugar.