LactFacts:Latest Facts From Breastfeeding Research for PC

LactFacts:Latest Facts From Breastfeeding Research APK

Published by IABLE

Lactfacts are evidence-based recommendations for breastfeeding management.



Breastfeeding mothers and their families are bombarded with conflicting, unsubstantiated advice, due to the lack of health professional education in breastfeeding. LactFacts summarize findings from the strongest, most clinically relevant research in breastfeeding and human lactation. Most LactFacts come from professional policy statements, protocols, and large systematic reviews or meta-analyses, which provide robust evidence on breastfeeding topics. If everyone uses evidence from research when advising families on breastfeeding topics, families will receive more consistent and accurate advice.

The LactFact app is your most important tool for answering common breastfeeding questions with evidence-based answers. This tool is perfect for lactation consultants, physicians, nutritionists, home visitors and other community breastfeeding supporters who advise mothers and their families.
Users may search the app, save their favorites, and share LactFacts via email and social media. Every LactFact has a link to its source article.

The Lactfact app is published by the Institute for the Advancement of Breastfeeding and Lactation Education (IABLE), a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing breastfeeding-knowledgeable health systems and communities. Please visit our website,, to use our free breastfeeding education resources and learn about our educational events including our nation-wide Outpatient Breastfeeding Champion Course, and our Physician Breastfeeding Medicine courses. Become a member of IABLE to access our video and image libraries, triage tools and other educational resources. Members join a growing community of breastfeeding supporters, including physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, lactation consultants, nutritionists, etc, who share cases, research, questions and other ideas on our listserv.