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This game will enrich your information in various fields!



Alghaz Wasla is a cultural and recreational game in which you compete with fans of this game from different parts of the world. You have to answer cultural questions from different fields as soon as possible to win the highest points and thus win the tour.
Various questions suitable for all ages
- General information in various fields
- Complete sentence, proverbs, verse
- Questions of thinking and intelligence
- Celebrities and football players
Game Features:
- Various questions and suitable for all ages
- Skip the question if you can not answer
- Using the means of help points gained by the solution of words
- Play without Internet
  1- Solve a game link
2. Link
3-Link game
4. Solve a game link
6. Crossword words
7 - Link game
8- Link logo
Crossword Game
10 - Game logo link
11- Game link
12 - Download link
13- Link games
Crossword Game
15. Link solution
16. Link the first group
Name of sport link
18- Solutions game link
19. Link Abs
Thinking and intelligence questions depend on your intuition and intelligence!
Do not forget to evaluate the application and thank you ..