ChatGame-Beauty HD Video Call for PC

ChatGame-Beauty HD Video Call APK

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Video chat and play interactive game at the same time, video effects



ChatGame - The Easiest Video Chat App Ever! Send your friends a video message and share it to various Social Media platforms!
ChatGame - A Better Way to Communicate with Clear and Smooth Video Chat Quality.

What makes ChatGame different from the others communication apps? 
1. Clear and Crisp video quality that takes less data.
Video chat on 3G/4G network connections takes 60% less data compared to some other video calling apps.

2. Real-time Beautification Video Effects
Discover your true beauty through our video effects patent technology and exposure adjustments. You will never have to worry about how you look on video calls again!

3. Play video game together    
Two people can play an interactive game while video chatting. Fun video games bridge communication between each other.

4. Group Video Chat
Video call with up to 6 people and 20 audiences that can spectate and interact during the call. It's a great communication tool for long distance families, friends, couples, and colleagues. It can also be used for e-learning and for those that are hearing impaired. Besides being an essential source of communication, you can also share wonderful moments with those you care about anytime, anywhere. Added Photo Sharing feature, real-time interaction and enhance the fun!

5. Upload Face Video Messages Instantly, Share Your Moments.
Say "No" to waiting! Share your daily events together through video message instantly on your favorite social media platforms like, Facebook and Twitter.

6. The Most Reliable Tool to Keep it Private
With “Video Avatar” mode and “Burn After Reading” features, you can mask your camera with different animated characters or send video messages that can be destroyed after it’s been viewed by other people, leaving no trace of history left!

7. Communicate without Boundaries, Keep in Touch with More Friends!
You can now send your “Face Video Message” to anyone, even to friends that doesn’t have ChatGame and send CG friend request through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Let’s ChatGame!

ChatGame is best used in the following situations:

1. Group Video Chat: Remote meetings, long-distance family and friends, or student study groups. It’s perfect video chatting app for both professional and personal use.

2. Communicating with family: ChatGame is great for all ages!
Parents and grandparents can spend time together and share moments with their kids when they are apart. With different interactive features, kids will love to spend more time together.

3. Social communication for the hearing impaired: ChatGame provides high quality video service for the hearing-impaired to help them communicate effectively when using sign language and features like sharing photos, video message, and HD facial video calls.

4. E-learning: ChatGame provides long-distance interactive language learning environment for teachers and students to develop their speaking skills. Teachers can text or send pictures while video chat at the same time, creating a better setting for learning and teaching efficiency. This lets students understand things better and increases teaching efficiency.

5. Friend get-together: Those that are late or don’t want to be on video chat, they can still participate in the group video call through “audience” mode. This enable them to not miss out on the group conversation and still be able to interact during the video call.

ChatGame - “The Art of Video Chat”

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