Where are you? for PC

Where are you? APK

Published by Daniel Primm

GPS position share app. Locate your friends, family and relatives easily.


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Easy Friend locator that can be used to see where you friends or family are. It can also be used to track your kids or any other person that is carring a smartphone. The tracking will be ensured via the phone numbers. The position (latitude, longitude) will be send to your friends if you allow it.

Simple friend locator which is very easy to use:

- Install the app on your device
- Start the app and verify your phone number
- See your contacts that are using this app too.
- See their position and share your location.

The app works with your contact data and your phone number to display people you know in the list.

It works very power efficiently, the position is only aquired from the app if someone requested it. To be fully transpartent the app logs the requests in the history view. So you can see anytime if somone aquired your position and when.
For security reasons you must approve every person to see your position. You can do that with the switch after each name in the list.

One word to the data security:
Your phone number will be send to twitter digitsfor verification. This is necessary to ensure that it is realy your phone number you are using.
To display your friends we need the data from your adressbook, but all the number we read from your address book will be encoded to hash values that are stored on our servers. Therefore it is inpossible to get from the hash value back to the number.
And at least, we only store the last known position on our servers for sharing with your friends. No location history will be stored or exported to third partys.

The app is still in the early stage, so please feel free to give us feedback via mail or the feedback form inside the app.