Dimglo - Brightness Dimmer for Night Mode for PC

Dimglo - Brightness Dimmer for Night Mode APK

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Dimglo- Screen Brightness Level Dimmer for Eye Care




Looking for a brightness app to soothe your eyes from glaring luminous smartphone’s screen? If yes, the wait is over now. Presenting to you the best brightness control app - Dimglo. Brightness adjuster like never before.

Squishing & squinting your eyes are in the past now. Now enjoy the night mode reading and leave your worries behind with Dimglo.

Unfortunately, our Smartphones set off the blue hue of light which is given naturally by the early to mid-day sun which alerts our bodies when to wake up - which affects our photoreceptor Melanopsin in our eyes. This in turn negatively affects our quality of sleep and thus overall health.
Dimglo’s low brightness and ability to subdue blue hue is surely going to give you a good night sleep and a refreshing start to your day.

No more are your eyes going to suffer from your Smartphone’s shenanigans with the use of this brightness dimmer app. Since you keep your brightness low due to your sensitive eyes, you can get hooked to your smartphone all the time.

It taps a shade that acts as a dimmer to ensure that your eyes don't hurt.
Far more powerful than Android's in-built brightness settings.

Best for continuous gaming, web browsing & ebook reading. Now enable night mode reading screen in any of your Android devices. Works with Android 4.0.1 and higher like a charm. Adjust brightness or decrease brightness at your will - you’re the boss!

Unbox the thrilling experience of this brightness dimmer.

Key features:

● Manage brightness & hues at the same time
● Whopping varieties of hues to choose from
● Shake to on/off
● Light as a feather
● Night mode app or night mode enabler
● One click start and stop ease
● Supports Android 4.0.1 and higher

Manage brightness & hues at the same time:
Simply go to the app, set your preferred colour & hue and you are done.

Whopping varieties of hues to choose from:
Choose from the unnumbered hues that make you feel comfortable.

Shake to on/off:
Without having to press a single button, now much easier to start/stop Dimglo with the shake feature.

Light as a feather:
Subtle light app that doesn’t drain your battery like other apps running in the background.

Night mode app or night mode enabler:
Adjust your brightness & hue in the night to avoid eye pain in the dark with easy to use functionalities.

One click start and stop ease:
Easy to operate app. Just one click to open the app and stop the app.

Supports Android 4.0.1 and higher:
Runs smoothly on Android Icecream Sandwich through Nougat.

Decrease the blue hue to ensure you get a good night sleep.

No ads & free of cost. We care for you!

Adjust no more, use Dimglo.

Version History

Dimglo v1.6.4
● Bug Fixes

Dimglo v1.6.4
● Added new feature to save filters
● A few changes to the user-interface

Dimglo v1.6.1
● Bug Fixes

Dimglo v1.6.0
● Save filters functionality
● Performance Improvements

Dimglo v1.5.1
● Bug Fixes

Dimglo v1.5
● Bug Fixes
● Enable/disable shake functionality from notification panel

Dimglo v1.4.2
● Bug fixes
● Memory Optimization

Dimglo v1.4.1
● Bug fixes

Dimglo v1.4.0
● Bug fixes
● fixed notification issues

Dimglo v1.3.1
● Bug fixes

Dimglo v1.3.0
● Built-in brightness control to toggle between pre-set brightness levels
● General bug fixes
● Improved compatibility for better responsiveness

Dimglo v1.2.0
● Bug fixes and performance improvements
● Different modes installed – night, normal & bright
● Shake functionality to start/stop
● Improved UI & blackout fix

Dimglo v1.1.0
● Performance and stability improvements
● General fixes
● Improved notification UI
● Special guide for Xiaomi users

Dimglo v1.0.0
● Initial release
● Notification display
● Color & brightness control
● Source UI