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Audio Video mixer helps in replace audio in video.


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Audio Video Mixer changes your back ground music of your videos. Also you can add or mix audios to videos.

Our Add audio to video application is for changing background music of a video. With this video editor you can add or mix any audio to a video. With this Audio Video Mixer cum Video Cutter you can also trim video easily.

Audio video mixer helps in replace audio in video.

Add Audio to Video App Feaures :
- Select videos from your gallery
- Select audios from your gallery
- Choose Audio in your Music list to add music in the Video.
- Simple interface.
- Mix audio and video.
- Simple Video Player.

Audio Video Mixer provides a facility for changing Background Music of any video files. Audio video mixer is one type of video editor app, using this app you can add or mix your favorite audio files to video files.