Alexa App Setup & Guide for PC

Alexa App Setup & Guide APK

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Alexa App Setup & Guide is a one-stop solution to connect all Echo devices.



Download the Alexa App & setup Guide now on your Android or iOS phone to setup Alexa-enabled devices like Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Sub, Echo Show, Echo Input, and Tap.
For smooth and easy Alexa setup- you may refer the steps given in guide & enjoy listening to music, news updates, creating shopping lists, and much more, later.
Alexa Setup System Requirements
Know your system's specifications and write them down on a piece of paper:
• Alexa App
• Echo Device
• Dual Band Wi-Fi Router with at least 2.4 GHz frequency
• Stable and High-speed Internet connection
• Wi-Fi Credentials
• Active Amazon account
• If using Android phone- you need version 5.0 or higher
• For iOS phone, minimum 9.0 version can be accessed (or higher)
• An Electric socket
Preparing to Setup Echo device and Alexa App
Alexa App setup tips to avoid any problem during the process:
1. Keep your Echo device 8 inches away from the walls and above floor.
2. During the setup, place your Echo Device in the central location near Router.
3. Place router and Echo device in the same room.
4. Avoid keeping radio-waves emitting devices (like microwave oven, Bluetooth speakers etc.) near the router.
5. Do not place any reflective material nearby.
How to Setup Alexa App and Echo Device? - Know Your Steps!
Get started with the steps for setup:
Step 1: Plug-in Alexa Device
• Plug-in one end of USB cable in Echo power port and another end in power adapter.
• Insert your power adapter in electric socket and switch on the plug.
• Once Echo device receives power, check for the blue light ring on device top.
• The light ring will change automatically to orange implying, the device has entered setup mode.
Step 2: Download Alexa App
Android users may refer Google Play store while iOS users can access App Store to download Alexa App.
• Open the store i.e., compatible with your phone.
• Type and Download Alexa App on your mobile device.
• Follow on-screen instructions to complete Alexa App installation on your mobile.
You’ll see ‘Alexa App Install complete’ message after the process finishes successfully.
Step 3: Alexa App Setup
• Touch Alexa App icon on your mobile to launch the program.
• Tap on ‘Choose Your Device’ drop-down box and make your choice from the list (i.e., Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Show, Echo Sub, Echo Input, or Tap).
Note: You can setup one device at a time. For more than one Echo device setup, repeat the process from Step 3.
• After you select the device from the given options, choose your location and language.
For instance, if you purchased your Echo Device from U.S. Amazon Account- your setting will be U.S. (English).
Step 4: Connect to Wi-Fi Network
• Tap on CONTINUE button on mobile and press ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ button on next page.
• In most cases, your Echo device automatically connects to Alexa App.
• However, if the Echo device is not added automatically to Alexa App- complete the process manually.
• For this, navigate to mobile Wi-Fi settings.
• Turn on Wi-Fi and under available list of networks; choose the network name with format “Amazon-XXX.”
Note: If you can’t see any such network name then, refresh your list and wait for a while.
Step 5: Complete Alexa Setup
• Now, go back to Alexa App and click on ‘Next’-> ‘Continue’ ->’Continue’ button and wait for the Alexa App setup to finish.
Note: For any problem connecting your device to Wi-Fi, check your Internet connection and router device.
• Now, check for the list of wireless network available on your mobile.
• Tap on the wireless network you want to connect it with.
Note: Please make sure that your wireless network is a dual-band having frequency 2.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz. Otherwise; you may face issues while setting up Alexa App.
Step 6: Talk to Alexa
By default the wake word for your Echo device is Alexa. However, you may change and access ‘Computer’ or ‘Echo’ also, as the wake words.