Comic Car for PC

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Published by StudyHall Entertainment

Draw the path for your car! Collect coins, avoid obstacles, and blast bad guys!


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You draw the path as your car careens through colorful comic books! Blast the bad guys and send them barreling off the page into the unknown abyss. Keep an eye on your gas gauge making sure to refuel along the way. Collect coins as you play and earn bonus coins for completing levels. Use your coins to buy new characters, cars, colors, upgrade speed, and new comic strips. Don’t forget to watch out for stormy lightning clouds or you’ll get zapped!

The list of characters is both classic and unique, including kids, superheroes, clowns, thugs, villains, and even a frog. Comic book themes include a light and airy country setting, streets of suburbia, intergalactic outer space, and inner city sunset skyline. Cars come in all shapes and colors, allowing you to customize the gameplay to your liking.

Comic Car is base on classic comic book style complete with ink dots, rectangular scene frames, and bold colorful graphics. If you’re a fan of rock-em sock-em superhero comic books, or a fan of funny light-hearted Sunday news comic strips, you’re going to flip for Comic Car. Comic con cars (comic with cars) is the best new game of the holidays ;-)