Multiplayer Hide and Seek 2017 for PC

Multiplayer Hide and Seek 2017 APK

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Like childhood games and kids game? Play Hide & Seek about famous childhood game



Are you willing to accept the challenge which reminds you about your famous childhood game?

Then you must download ione of the famous childhood game that is Multiplayer Hide and Seek from Android store. Please don't forget that this hide and seek game is local server based free game so you have to play being on same network / WIFI connection or as a single player where you will be playing against the virtual friend. SO basically its not a non-wifi game.

In this hide n seek game you can play as Single Player mode where you can either hide or seek, when you are in seeking mode there will be a time limit in which you have to find your virtual friend hidden in field otherwise you will lose the game. The distance between you and your virtual friend mentioned in this hide and seek game play so you feel easy while seeking your friend.

In the other hand when you want to hide there will be a time limit through which you can hide and after that your virtual friend starts seeking you if he can’t find you than you will won the game. The Distance and Time Limits are Define in the game play so download and install Multiplayer hide and seek game and enjoy unlimited fun.

In this challenging and fun loving game of hide and seek, you have to find your buddies who are hidden behind various objects in an excellent terrain while enjoying the ride of thrill or you have to hide behind the objects against your virtual friend in this hide n seek game.

Multiplayer hide and seek is thrilling running game and adventure game in a beautiful green town environment having excellent user interface.

In Multiplayer Hide N Seek game you have time limitations so don’t forget keep watching your time bar. You have to exhibit ultimate patience in this challenging & thrilling game to find your buddies who are on same Wi-Fi network. Multiplayer Hide and Seek brings your joy & pleasure while you are playing this game and simultaneously reminds you of your child time memories. In this Hide and Seek game of 2017, failing to find your ultimate buddy in this hide & seek game will fall you to fail and let your friend succeed in this game.

Playing Multiplayer Hide n Seek game will also remind you about your famous childhood game i.e. cops and robber which all kids love to play in their childhood. We believe its best kids game as well as for adult boys and girls.

Multiplayer Hide n seek is best mini game of 2017 where you are seeking your friends so you are a seeker or a Policeman searching for your friends or robbers in fun filled & challenging game.

Game features of Multiplayer Hide & Seek game 2017:
**** Multiplayer / Single Player
**** Beautiful environment
**** Ultimate game play
**** Playing with worldwide friends network being on same Wi-Fi network
**** Excellent player Running animations
**** Wonderful user interface.
**** Seeking Enemies increase as game proceed
**** Best kids game of 2017