Lock screen - Anime for PC

Lock screen - Anime APK

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Lock screen with Anime wallpaper Lock screen keypad Anime



lock screen photo with anime images
lock screen photo with anime hd wallpaper
set photos on buttons (for example: your wife, your husband, your pets..)

*** Features of Lock Screen - Anime:
- set pin or password via keypad lock screen to enhance the security lock of your phone
- require 4 digits for lock screen password
- multiple OS11 HD Wallpaper beautiful and all background OS 9 and wallpaper OS 11
- display real time clock and date
- change background with wallpapers
- many Anime wallpapers
- custom background from gallery
- high security, prevent accessing your phone without password
- you can change wallpaper
- fast, simple, smooth, easy to use
- Anime Lock Screen
- Anime wallpapers
- Anime girl backgrounds
- Anime backgrounds HD
- work well on phone, tablet device
- support your language