Satellite finder - Map Area Calculator, Clinometer for PC

Satellite finder - Map Area Calculator, Clinometer APK

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Set dish pointer for azimuth to find accurate location with satellite director



Satellite finder - Map Area Calculator, Clinometer is a tool which helps you to set up satellite dish pointer . Satellite director will give you azimuth, LNB tilt , compass and elevation for your location (Based on GPS) on map . Satfinder (Satellite Finder) calculates the adjustment of tilt angle and exact position of each LNB . Satellite receiver receives the network signal strength and express location to directtv antenna. Accurate satellite finder map will show numerical and graphical details on map search for directors desk to find satellite accurately . Map area calculator used to calculate map area & distance with great accuracy. Satfinder track satellites quicksort and provide you the list of all satellites and their sighting angles for your position. TV Satellite director and dish pointer will provide you satellite azimuth properly which help you for antenna locator of dishes . Satellite finder includes their geographical positions. Satfinder also used Augmented reality satellite finder scope for television locations is known as best satellite finder app. Quick satellite signal finder localizer provides the accurate values of lnb, ddh and optus to alignment dish tv thumb pointer. Satellite director - Map Area Calculator, Clinometer is the best satellite finder app to align dish tv antenna .

Satellite finder - Geo Area Calculator with Clinometer is the best free tool for you , when you want measure the area of specific place on map . Satellite director map area calculator will help you when you want to purchase some property and want to calculate field area measure of that property . Satfinder geo area calculator app help you to set up satellite dish tv antenna. GPS area calculator provides the exact calculated gps area measurement simply by marking the points around that place on map. Fields area measurement is a smart tool for measuring areas on map. Satellite finder - Satellite map Area Calculator, Clinometer also include the feature of “ bubble level , spirit level is an instrument designed to indicate weather a surface is horizontal or vertical” . Best level meter is handy , accurate and simple to use. Bubble level usually used in construction, carpentry and photography to determine if objects on which you are working are on level.

Satellite director - Geo Area Calculator with Clinometer has professional tool “clinometer” is an instrument for measuring angles of slope , elevation or depression of an object with respect to gravity . Angle gradient inclinometer measures both inclines (positive slopes) and declines (Negative slopes) using different measurement units. 4X4 inclinometer used for simple applications aligning frame. Digital inclinometer indicate the rate of fall per set distance horizontal distance and set distance of sloping line. Geometric set of satfinder clinometer is the nivel clinometro which is used to find angle of the slop. If you are professional dish installer , Satellite director directs you about dishnetwork to share my dish in the field you need pointing Sat Tracker is a small utility which allow users to find satellite with lots of information’s for setting up dish antenna correctly.

Features of Satellite finder - Map Area Calculator, Clinometer

• Satellite finder provides you the list of satellites received in your area .
• Satfinder found your location quickly .
• Satellite finder Geo area calculator calculate distance and area.
• Best level meter provides the functionality to check weather the surface is flat or not.
• Live satellite map 3D Views .
• Get HD live street views on your device .
• Digital inclinometer or clinometer measure both positive slopes and negative slopes.
• Traffic alerts are available , get the live traffic information of your area.
• Find the STD & ISD Codes of any country or city.
• Get the info of your current location .
• Share your current location with friends and family members.