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Midiacode permits you to grab, keep and share content from paper to your mobile.


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Midiacode is a totally FREE application that permits you to grab, keep and share content from paper (and any other physical media) to your smartphone. When you see a Midiacode (a very small qr code with our little pet pointing into it), just scan the code and all information present in the paper (and more) will be stored in your account. Easy, simple, fast.

Midiacode is perfect to easily grab information you see in the physical world, like papers, folders, flyers, packages, medicine patient guides, manuals, guidelines, touristic information, posters, etc, etc, etc.

Once you see one of this physical media with a Midiacode, it means you can grab all that information easily. You need just to open Midiacode app, shake it to open the camera (or open thru menu) and scan the code. The information will be sent to your account and you will be able to access the information at any time. You will never loose that important information anymore.

The information you grab is the same you see in the paper (or media) from where you scanned the Midiacode. You have access to other complimentary content, after accessing the digital version of the paper you scanned. It may be a webpage, an e-commerce website or a video from youtube.

The content you grab is with you and you can also share it to friends and family.

The content is synced to all devices you have Midiacode installed and in our website. It is stored for you until the time you understand it is not useful anymore. So you can delete it. Automatically it will be deleted from all other devices and from the servers.

If you want to be a publisher, creating content with Midiacodes, just get to, create an account, and select the Publish menu. Follow the step-by-step guideline. In 5 minutes you can have it published.

Midiacode is also an universal QR Code reader. You can use it as your sole QR Code reader solution.