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Learn Sign Language Alphabet We created to help you solve any problems that may occur if you have not mastered any special techniques or training to make handicrafts, DIY projects, martial arts, beauty, sports, exercises or anything like that.

This application is designed very easy to use, you can follow the various steps and tutorials that are in it carefully and periodically.

Here are some examples of the steps in this application.

That list is so woefully inadequate as to be silly.
It only scratches the surface of the variety of fingerspelling going on.

For example, flowers. Where are "flowers" on that list? (Other than the sign "ROSE" there really aren't any well established signs for "flowers").

How about food? While there are quite a few signs for various food items, there are thousands of types of foods that have no established sign. Hold on to your chair when I tell you this--there isn't even a widely accepted sign for burrito. (As opposed to a burro, which is a small donkey. We do have a sign for "donkey," but try showing a picture of a both a donkey AND a mule to 10 different Deaf people and watch 'em tell you "mule is spelled.") And a mule is a relatively common animal -- don't even get me started on "ring-tailed lemurs!"

I collect ASL dictionaries. Some are quite large. I have a printed sign language dictionary that was published "many" years ago (by the Oregon School for the Deaf, in Salem) that has about 10,000 individual signs (not exactly "pure ASL," but ASL vocabulary with a bunch of Signed English signs).

I've also got an ordinary college-level English dictionary on my shelf. It has about 180,000 words in it.
Do the math. 180,000 "words" minus 10,000 "signs" leaves about 170,000 "words" unaccounted for.

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Follow the steps periodically, do not do if there is an awkwardness that occurs, always keep your safety. Do not forget to rate our app to make us grow thanks.

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🆒 Find the stepbystep picture.
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🆒 easy to use.
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