Glide - Your City for PC

Glide - Your City APK

Published by Glide Scooter Sharing LLC

Download the app and go! Glide your city on fun, affordable electric scooters.



Glide puts your city at your fingertips with fast, fun, dockless scooters that will get you from A to B without the hassle. Don’t pay for parking - leave your Glide at your destination and carry on with your day. Don’t get stuck in a bottleneck at rush hour or in construction zones - Glide on by. Your favorite coffee shop is too far to walk on your break? Glide over and back with time to spare.
Get Started:
1. Download the app.
2. Register
3. Find a Glide.
4. Scan the QR code.
5. Glide safely to your destination (yield to cars and pedestrians!)
6. Leave Glide out of the way of foot traffic.
7. End your ride.
When to Glide:
1. Work commute
2. Crossing campus
3. To the border and back
4. On a date
5. Pleasure ride with friends
6. To and from public transit
7. Exploring a new corner of town
8. Any short-distance trip
9. If it’s too far to walk and too short to lose your parking space!
Glides is $1 to start and $.20 per minute, arriving faster and costing a fraction of a taxi or rideshare.
Visit for more information, benefits, rules, and job opportunities.