Transporter Truck Horse Stunts for PC

Transporter Truck Horse Stunts APK

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Time to Transport & train horse in this Transporter Truck Horse Stunt 3D Game



Heavy vehicles driver, drive heavy trucks to excavate through and transport the cargo to their destination in time. Farm animals specially the racing horses are your cargo in this game, now excavate the cargo and drive carefully the loaded truck on the road to transport the wild horse to the destination. The horses then have to be trained in the training arena and then to be delivered to the buyers. In this simulation game youtrain your horses for racing and then deliver them on the heavy trailer truck to the arena for race. It’s a simulator game to have fun with riding horses and truck driving as well.

Transporter Truck Horse Stunts is an extreme heavy engine truck driving and racing game fever. The king of racing and transport it to another city for stunts and racing. Transporter Truck Horse Stunts is the best transportation and horse racing game. Buy a horse from market that is already trained and has a winner crown. Become a truck driver to transport it to its destination. Be a jockey, perform. Hit the tracks, battle your way to win the race.

Get behind the wheels, buckle up your seat belt and hold your steering wheel. Get ready for a crazy ride, accelerate your speed and do not crash. Bypass all the traffic cars to reach your destination. The streets are full of traffic cars and buses. You are assigned for a transportation duty. Load your cargo truck with the world’s best derby horse you’ve just bought and transport it to the race tracks for the hottest race ever. The racer derby horse is not easy to handle. With exhilarating highspeed, they get out of control easily. Are you ready for a fearless fast ride for victory? Let your adrenaline fueled up! Take the controls in your hand, don’t let the animal get wild till you reach the finish line.

Transporter Truck Horse Stunts Features
• Buy a crown winner derby horse
• Load and deliver the animal in a heavy vehicle
• Ultimate horse racing simulation
• Speed up to win the race
• Endless racing and stunts
• Ground breaking physics for smooth control

An exciting driving-racing game with endless chasing! Speed up, work hard for your survival & rush to the finish line to win the race.