Smash Dude ® for PC

Smash Dude ® APK

Published by Firezoo

Choose a weapon or create your own and attack Smash Dude for fun stress relief.



Smash Dude ® is one of the best ragdoll dummy games on the store! Choose a weapon or create your own, then fight him for funny interactive stress relief. Add laughs to your day! Join in the fun with millions of others and play the game for free!

Smash Dude ® is YOUR ragdoll - a stickman with interactive fighting physics! As you fight him you will feel all your stress fade away and actually have fun!

It’s so easy to play. Just pick a weapon and beat him up. The physics will detect each hit on your new buddy and you will earn coins. Use coins to buy more crazy weapons. Or save coins to build your own custom weapons (Weapons Factory is an advanced feature see later in description).

There are loads of weapons to beat up your ragdoll, here are some highlights:
• Lightning Bolts - Shock your Smash Dude
• Paintball Gun - Shoot colorful paintballs
• Guns - Pistol, Shot Gun and Uzi Gun
• Fire - Crank up the heat and make the stickman sweat
• Beat 'em up - Kick your Smash Dude buddy
• Tickle - Rub his belly for gut busting fun
• Kisses - Torture Smash Dude ® some LOVE - even a stickman has a heart!
• + Many more boss weapons fight your ragdoll!

Create your own custom weapons in the Weapons Factory! Save them for later and use them to beat up your best buddy, Smash Dude ®! In app purchase required.

Play Smash Dude® for funny stress relief! Download now!