Outdoor Sports Companion - Hiking, Cycling, ... for PC

Outdoor Sports Companion - Hiking, Cycling, ... APK

Published by Eliakim Schuenemann

Track all your outdoor sports activities like hiking, running, cycling, etc.



Track all your outdoor sports activities such as hiking, running, cycling, horseback riding, skiing, canoeing, etc.
Benefit from GPS tracking in combination with accurate barometric elevation measurements including an elevation profile.
Worldwide maps show your location and your trip.
Have access to all your previous trips and enjoy their statistics.
Or just use this app as an altimeter.
A backup functionality ensures that you do not loose your data when you change your device. No data transfer to any servers
is necessary for that feature.

Main Features:
* GPS tracking of outdoor sports activities
* Accurate barometric elevation measurements with elevation calibration (if supported by device)
* Tracking of distance, time, speed, min/max elevation, elevation accumulation, etc.
* Elevation profile
* Live statistics (average speed and elevation gain/loss per interval)
* Worldwide online maps
* GPS Coordinates
* Air-line distance to start
* Metric / imperial units
* Access to all saved trips
* Trip statistics
* Comment your trips
* Individual records
* Low power consumption along with high accuracy due to dynamic GPS update interval
* Backup functionality
* For free and without advertising
* No registration necessary