Eli Remote Viewer for PC

Eli Remote Viewer APK

Published by Elisoft dev

All in one solution for Remote Access and Support over the Internet



With the Eliremote app, you can use an Android device to remotely control and transfer files to a remote PC.

Key features:
- Control a computer as if you were sitting right in front of it.
- Transfer files to a server, both cases upload and download.
- Users can choose one in two connection options:
+ TCP: slower, more reliable
+ UDP: faster, data may be lost
and more than, users can set their own relay server.
- Support full color and the best-qualified screen.
- File manager
- Painting on a server screen using an android device

Strong features in comparison with other apps:
- Users can easily use their finger like a mouse on the remote PC.
- Apk size is very small.

Quick guide:
1. Install Eliremote Server on a PC (download from,
2. Create a new account and run,
3. Install Eliremote Viewer on a mobile device,
4. Fill in account info on the device and log in,
5. Now you can remotely control PC.