Golf Scorecard for PC

Golf Scorecard APK

Published by Alivezoned

Golf Scorecard is a free Golf Scoreboard and Course Creator



Lifetime free offline score recording app. Records your Game scores datewise for easy reference. While playing, record each hole's score with ease and at the end of your game you have the complete scorecard ready.

Golf Scorecard allows you to -

* Create scorecard templates for any number of golf courses you play on. Each course template provides essential hole data for quick reference while playing.

* Before starting a new game, simply select the course you are playing on and it's data will be loaded for active reference.

Version 1.4 Changes:
+ Redesigned the Score Table to fit all Device Screen Sizes.
+ Added Colors to the scores. They are easily readable now.
+ Changed the look of the Score Table.
+ Fixed a bug in the Course Creator.
+ Added a Course Selector Icon. Now you can change your game's course anytime.
+ ListView Layout Redesigned

Version 1.5 Changes:
+ Now you can change the Course Name of an existing course.(Look for a golf player icon, top right of the screen) in the the Edit Course Activity
+ 2 Preloaded Courses(Beldih Golf Course, Golmuri Golf Course)