Med Standards for PC

Med Standards APK

Published by Colby Uptegraft

Medical Standards of the Army, Navy, & Air Force



This application presents the medical standards for special duty personnel of the United States Air Force, Army, and Navy as well as other useful tools and information for Aerospace Medicine professionals.

AF Documents/Tools:
- Aerospace Medicine Approved Medication List
- AFI 10-203 Duty Limiting Conditions
- AFI 48-123 Medical Examinations & Standards
- Air Force Waiver Guide
- Medical Standards Directory
- MOD Approved Medication List
- OTC Approved Medication List
- 45 Other Flight-Medicine-Relevant AFI's & Documents
- 13 RSV Sample Briefings
- Altitude Oxygen Converter Calculator for Aeromedical Evacuations

Army Documents:
- AR 40-501 Standards of Medical Fitness
- Flight Surgeon Checklist: Aeromedical Policy Letters & Technical Bulletins
- Physical Examination Requirements Table

Navy Documents:
- Navy Aeromedical Reference & Waiver Guide
- Navy ManMed Chapter 15

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