Smash! Din Din for PC

Smash! Din Din APK

Published by ClRocco

Smash!!! Do not let them take your Din Din!



Smash! Loosens my Din Din!
In this game you are the owner of a bank that needs a lot of Din Din.
Customers is that there have to deposit Din Din in your bank.
But the city is full of thieves who try to steal your customers the way to the bank.
You'll have to smash with your finger all thieves who will try to steal Din Din from your customers.
As the amount of Din Din is increasing more thieves will appear.
And watch out when a customer is stolen, you have to pay the amount equal to what he was carrying.
Each time a client is assaulted or smashed, you lose one life.
Prepare your fingers and rushes to defend his Din Din!

After smash so many ants and monsters! Let's smash thieves! Do not crush everything that comes on the screen(Beware the old man)! Smash only the thieves!

This is de best smash game of Android.

No guns, no shots only de fingers with speed.