Body Temperature Check Diary : Info History Log for PC

Body Temperature Check Diary : Info History Log APK

Published by Bolt Mohsin

Record, Monitor & Analyze Your Body Temperature. Track & Log Fever of Your Baby



With this application you can track Body Temperature & Fever of your loved Ones for free.

The entered data form a chart which displays the temperature profile. Also other symptoms than temperature and medications can be tracked. Temperature is displayed in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Whether you have been exposed to low temperatures or you are caring for someone with hypothermia, you may need to know how to increase body temperature.


🚑 Enter Body Temperature Values in Multiple Formats as per your convenience.
🚑 Add in one touch body temperature monitoring, hemoglobin levels, weight, as well as taken drugs.
🚑 User can maintain the records and enter values in Celsius & Fahrenheit any time.
🚑 Check Daily reports.
🚑 Check Weekly reports.
🚑 Check Monthly reports.
🚑 Check Yearly reports.
🚑 Provide complete user info in order to enable the application to calculate your BMI.
🚑 Follow the info and guidelines to get better health.
🚑 The user can setup reminders to check Body Temperature hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & yearly.
🚑 Maintain records and have summarized values.
🚑 View graphs and charts and share it with your doctor.

Fever is your body's natural response to infection or injury. It stimulates your body to mobilize and produce more white blood cells and antibodies to fight infections. Some researchers believe that it is important to let mild fever take its course. But fever in a young child can be very disconcerting. Although low fever usually does not require treatment, you may want to reduce the fever for your child's comfort. A high fever can be serious and rarely fatal. It must always be checked by your child's pediatrician.
Low fevers are not serious in children and may help boost their immune system if left alone. When a child's temperature exceeds 38.9 ° C, the child usually feels uncomfortable and you should take action to lower your fever.

Precautions When Having Fever :

🌡️ Lower your child's body temperature.
🌡️ Give your child adequate medicine.
🌡️ Only use one type of antipyretic drug.
🌡️ Refresh your child with water.
🌡️ Keep your child well hydrated.
🌡️ Make sure your child is resting.

The correct food and drink, movement, and attire can raise your body temperature. If you are in dangerously cold temperatures, it is important to warm up to avoid hypothermia. If you are deliberately trying to raise your temperature in warm situations, you should be careful not to raise your temperature too high, since this can cause heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

This app records and displays the body temperature measurement results in real time. Body Temperature Check Diary : Info History Log supports a couple of notifications to indicate high and low temperature as well as disconnection event. It gives you peace of mind when you taking care of fever patient.

This app doesn't measure your body temperature. It Records the temperature values measured with real thermometer & upon those records it gives graphs & analysis report of your body temperature in a day, week, month & year.