Blood Sugar Check Diary : Glucose Test Log History for PC

Blood Sugar Check Diary : Glucose Test Log History APK

Published by Bolt Mohsin

Record, Monitor, Track & Analyze Your Blood Sugar. Track & Log Glucose Level.



Blood Sugar Diary is a complete health based utility application. The user can store medical records in this application. The application stores records and user can later view records in multiple forms. The application provides analytics based on records entered, view statistics and take decision based on it. Discuss the records with your doctor, these record will help the doctor to analyze how your health has been performing in recent past.

This application enables the user to enter record in multiple formats, user can customize the options through settings tab. The user can even setup checker reminder as most of the time people forget to check their Blood Sugar Level. The user can setup profile so application may calculate BMI. Read info and guidelines to get perfect tips regarding Blood Sugar Level. If a person is suffering from diabetes, Blood Glucose Level fluctuation is very important with respect to that person. If a person is taking insulin again the Blood Sugar Level record keeping becomes very important for him as well.


★ Easy to use interface makes it a snap to add new entries
★ Add multiple entries simultaneously, for example add glucose and medication at one time quickly and easily.
★ A variety of detailed graphs and reports
★ A detailed log book with tables and graphs suitable for sharing with your doctor
★ Supports both US (mg/dl) and international (mmo/l) glucose units.
★ Export your data in a variety of non-proprietary formats including CSV,HTML,XML
★ Annotate each entry with a category (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc)
★ Customize categories, medications, exercise types and more by adding, removing or renaming as desired.
★ Automatically have OnTrack select the right category for new entries based on time of day.
★ Activate reminders on new entries, for example remind yourself to test two hours after eating food.

This application is very useful for such individuals in every term because this application is your perfect health partner. Having high blood sugar levels can be discomforting and many people wish to know what they can do to help to bring down high blood glucose levels.

Get rid of pen and pencil to write down your blood sugar test results! It is now much easier to track your blood sugar level, insulin intake & do so much more. The glucose diary will allow you to track your regular hemoglobin, sugar (glucose) levels, pressure, insulin, and also add tags, medications, condition, and weight to each record. With this blood sugar converter you can convert blood sugar values from mmol/L to mg/dL. Input the blood sugar value in mmol/L and press on convert to start the process. Log and track your glucose readings, food notes and calculate average A1C over pre-set months with one tap or pick your own dates.

This application will be an excellent assistant for diabetics and all those who suffer from glycemia, and a diary of sugar will not only allow you to regularly record log sugar levels. Blood sugar tracker is very useful app for diabetic patients and also for those who wants to monitor blood glucose levels quite often. This diabetes app has been designed and developed for quick and easy tracking of daily blood glucose levels to help in easy diabetes management.