Blade Match 3 for PC

Blade Match 3 APK

Published by Yeast Zest

Collect Blades in a raw! Favourite match three style with Blades!



Hi Beyblade master! This is new exciting, bright game with your favorite Blades! Here you can play with your favourite blades not only spinning them but also collect in a row! We offer an interesting puzzle game with favourite match three style! Three in a row is a fun game where you can develop your logic and thinking. Calculate combinations, develop your brain!

What is your favourite blade? Maybe Volterra or Hercules? Or maybe Phoenix, Salamander with its red colors? Or Infinity and many others? Wind them all! Of these, you can make cool combinations of 3, 4 and even more identical Beyblades! For cool combinations, you will get good bonuses, special Blades, which will help you to complete difficult levels. In each level, you will found interesting and amazing tasks. So that the game does not bored. The time limit for the level, a small number of moves and other features - all this stimulates your imagination and makes you count the combinations in advance.

Game features:
- Fantastic game menu and game management.
- Beautiful bright graphics.
- Ability to play your favorite Blades.
- Ability to score a lot of points and raise your rating.
- 100 different levels
- You can compete with friends, who will score more points and make their ratings.
- All levels of the game are interesting and challenging, which gives a special excitement to the game process.

Bayblades Match Three is a fun and exciting game that will entertain you! It will help pass time and even benefit you. Download game for free! This game not only for children but also for adults and whole family and anime fans! One-two-three go ahead!