X-Ray Cars Prank for PC

X-Ray Cars Prank APK

Published by Ataracus Games

Surprise friends with new trick! Let think that your phone is extraordinary!



It was interesting to learn how the car if you possessed x-ray sight looks? Then with this application you will be able to play friends, having told that show them a X-ray a picture of the car which is in your yard, or any other. The application has harvested a few x-ray images of cars, you choose which is more suitable and start the demonstration. The picture cyclically will move back and forth as if you phone in a hand scan a car and you receive result on the screen. Tap the screen to pause or continue its movement.
Work out a few times myself, and then you are more likely to be able to hold the audience that you will show it. They might even be the envy of your phone that is supposedly able to get an X-ray picture of the car!
Have fun, because it's great fun!