MTR iCard - tool to check balance of MTR card(NFC) for PC

MTR iCard - tool to check balance of MTR card(NFC) APK

Published by Wobbi Technology Ltd.

Check balance of your MTR card(Octopus & Shen Zhen Tong), Nfc-F card info ...



This is very tiny APP tool which can help to check balance of your MTR card, include Hong Kong Octopus and Shen Zhen Tong.
Main features: check banlance of Hong Kong MTR Octopus and Shen Zhen Tong, display more information of Nfc-F tag ...

1. Check balance and last ten transaction of MTR ShenZhenTong
2. Detailed transaction information such as date/time, change value, terminal number of MTR ShenZhenTong
3. Check balance of MTR Octopus
4. Generate transaction information of MTR Octopus
5. User rename MTR Octopus
6. User edit memo for each transaction record of MTR Octopus
7. Support multiple MTR Octopus management
8. Support English and Chinese
9. Beep tone for operation
10. Help information notification

1. Ensure to enable phone NFC function
2. Swipe to select [HK Octopus] or [Shen Zhen Tong] for your card
3. Tap card at NFC area to read card
4. Touch card holder can rename Octopus card holder
5. Touch Octopus info can change to display another Octopus info if is available
6. Touch Octopus transaction record can add memo for this transaction
7. Press and hold Octopus transaction record can delete all transaction records of this card
8. Press phone up and down volume button can adjust tone volume