Hologram Keyboard Simulation for PC

Hologram Keyboard Simulation APK

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Hologram keyboard projector simulator brings holographic keyboard backgrounds!



🎁📲💎 The best “holographic keyboard” theme changer is just what you have been looking for! Change keyboard theme in an instant with the help of this “virtual keyboard”! Download these “cool keyboard” designs ✨ Hologram Keyboard Simulation ✨ and set “holographic displays” as your custom keyboard background!

🎁📲💎 Transform your smartphone or tablet into a “3D hologram projector” here and now! Install this “laser virtual keyboard” and choose favorite hologram themes for keyboard! Keep in mind that this “hologram keyboard” is for entertainment purposes only! Do the funniest pranks with your friends using the best “transparent keyboard” themes that our 3D “hologram simulator” has to offer! Fool everyone around you with 3D hologram “projection keyboard” designs on your phone display! Make everyone believe that you have the best 3d “keyboard projector”! Please note that this “hologram 3D” keyboard simulator is a prank app used for fun purposes only! Would you like a hologram phone? With the help of this free hologram color keyboard changer, change keyboard color, theme and style using red light laser projection virtual keyboard backgrounds!

🎁📲💎 If you like backlit keyboards or glass keyboard themes, hurry up and download this “laser projection keyboard” simulator app!

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❤‿❤ How to set “virtual keypad” themes:

🔷 Click on ‘Enable the Keyboard’, check the box-field next to ✨ Hologram Keyboard Simulation ✨, and then click on the OK button;
🔷 Return to the application, select ‘Set the Keyboard to Default’ button and select ✨ Hologram Keyboard Simulation ✨;
🔷 You can now customize your keypad (choose themes, languages and shortcuts).

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🔷 Find your favorite 3D hologram pictures to change your keyboard cover!
🔷 Choose from lots of holographic background images to change keypad color, theme and style!
🔷 Love emoji symbols, heart eyes emoji, animated emoticons, heart emoticons, smiley symbols & emoticons symbols to decorate your text messages!
🔷 Select the desired language and start typing in French, German Spanish!
🔷 Select words for numbers and create shortcuts!
🔷 There are options to turn on and off sounds for texting and vibration!
🔷 Download our “3D hologram joke” themes for tablet and smartphone and don’t forget to rate one of the best prank apps!

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🎁📲💎 Download our hologram keyboard projector 3d ✨ Hologram Keyboard Simulation ✨ completely free of charge! Don’t forget that this cool 3D hologram game app is created just for fun and entertainment!

🎁📲💎 The best “3D hologram” themes will redecorate your smartphone or tablet! Set neon keyboard themes and create an illusion that your phone display projects holographic images! Don’t forget that this simulator app which simulates the projection of holographic displays is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true holographic images! Install hologram “projector keyboard” totally free of charge and enjoy laser projection holographic keyboard backgrounds from up close!

🎁📲💎 Turn your smartphone or tablet screen into a 3D hologram screen with the help of the best holographic wallpaper themes and hologram “laser keyboard” skins!

🎁📲💎 Use this hologram 3d keyboard simulator to make your own keyboard layout that you have always dreamed about! Download ✨ Hologram Keyboard Simulation ✨ completely free of charge and find the best holographic background themes for your smartphone or tablet! Trick your family, friends and colleagues that you have a real hologram coming out of your smartphone or tablet screen thanks to this hologram simulator app!