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Perfect coloring app that will help you to relax and spend your time usefully



★★★Time to Bring Art and calm into Your Life with Mystic coloring book★★★

We present you the perfect coloring application that will allow you to rest, relax and spend time pleasantly and usefully.

✎ Have you always dreamed of becoming an artist, but you do not have enough time to start drawing?
✎ You like to work with paints, but you do not like to wash your clothes off of them
✎ Do you want the child to be busy with something useful, but worry that he will stain carpets and walls with colors?
✎ You are expecting a long and boring road (by car, in the subway, by plane)?

You just found the perfect solution for all these questions!

Mystic coloring book, this is the perfect set of beautiful drawings with lots of details that you have to color and design at will. In the application we have collected for you the best coloring pages, so that any of your days is decorated with a new work created by your own hands. Here there are both known to all the classic drawings, as well as new items in 2017, which almost no one has ever seen.
The most important thing! All coloring pictures is absolutely free! No purchases in the application, no time or quantity restrictions. You just enjoy the creativity as much as you want.

App Ideal for children. Choose easy picture and let your child learn creativity, improving imagination, choosing colors and create his own picture, which you can then print and hanging in your living room.
Kids can be very noisy when it takes a long time to wait or in a long trip. To save your nerves, take a phone or tablet with you and turn on the Mystic coloring book, and you will be surprised at how quietly and enthusiastically children can be.
Children really like it and gladly spend time by painting pictures, while adults can be busy with their own affairs.
The application does not require an internet connection, which is extremely convenient if you travel by plane or away from the sources of the network.

For adults it's will be interesting to.
If you are tired after a long and hard day, just turn on the Mystic coloring book, select the picture, colors, and start to color it calmly. You will not notice when fatigue will go away and your mind will become peaceful and calm. Coloring is like meditation and it will distract you from problems and difficult thoughts. Psychologists call this color therapy, and here you get a free application for color therapy at home, which will help you relax and improve your mood. If you have insomnia, it can help you to fall asleep.

With our coloring book you can overcome any stress and feel like a real artist. This is the perfect anti-stress app, which not only distracts and relaxes you, but also teaches you creativity, developing your abilities and evolve your imagination.
Get a useful habit to paint pictures at least 1 hour a day, and you will see how in a week your mood will improve and you will become more calm and relaxed.

Create your masterpieces! Share your pictures in social networks and print it on a color printer! Decorate your house with your own creativity. And if you liked any picture, feel free to color it many times, choosing colors for your mood, and then create a gallery of your mood from the resulting drawings and decorate your bedroom with them.

In the coloring book Mystic coloring book you will find pictures for every taste:

✔ Beautiful and complex Ornaments
✔ Eastern mandalas
✔ Japanese motifs
✔ Fantastic animals
✔ Mehendi
✔ Wonderful flowers
✔ Cartoons
✔ Geometric drawings
✔ Arabic patterns
✔ Rangoli - protective drawings (alpona prayer pattern)

Do not forget to recommend the application to your friends. Paint together, lay out your work in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or somewhere else, arrange competitions, who will score more likes and whose work will cause more delight! Show that you are the true creator of art!