Spirit Communicator for PC

Spirit Communicator APK

Published by Mark Coultous

Spirit Communicator is a Simple To Use Bank Based Ghost Box.



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Spirit Communicator uses 2 audio players that selects random sounds from only 300 small audio files.
Each file played starts and ends at a different point when played at random.

The aim is for spirits to communicate by manipulating the sounds the app is randomly playing.

You can listen to this app and hear what seems like conversations at times.
You will hear sounds within the app repeat however the magic happens when a spirit uses the app to let you hear them.

This is an experimental app and does not guarantee spirit communication on every use.

It's recommended that you sit and listen to the app and train your ears to the sounds so that when something does talk you will know. It will generally come in broken words for example if it said Hello it could sound like He-LLo Or H-E-LLO so listen carefully for broken words forming.

Also there could be other breef sounds in between the He-LLO.

It recommended to do short sessions so it does not annoy your ears and is easy to review later on your recordings.
I find it works best if I turn the app on and listen for a bit then ask spirit to try use the app to talk. Kind of like warming up and introducing them to the app.

Also I have added the bank file names so users can see what sound is playing.

There's a mixture of sounds including voice snippets some of which will repeat during the random process.

If you record your session and play it back you can at times hear things you didn't at the time of use.

If you find this app useful you can also download Spirit Communicator Pro.

Special thanks to:- AppyDroid and Zara Moncrieff

This app was created with help of the Unity Project source originally made by AppyDroid .

Backdrop and Logo Design By Zara Moncrieff [email protected]