Mega Mechs Assembling for PC

Mega Mechs Assembling APK

Published by Y8

In 2075, aliens invaded the Earth. humanity placed its hopes in Mega Mechs



In the year 2075, aliens invaded the Earth. Unable to defend themselves against the invaders, humanity placed its hopes in the final line of defense—the Mega Mechs!

Assemble powerful robots by dragging each piece to the correct spot, and earn bonuses based on accuracy and speed of your assembly. Then take your Mega Mech onto the battlefield and fight waves of deadly alien foes with classic arcade shoot ‘em up gameplay.

5 powerful mechs of increasing complexity to assemble
Multiple waves of vicious alien enemies
Two different gameplay styles
Scores for both assembly mode and combat
Online leaderboards to compare high scores

The fate of the Earth is in your hands! Can you build a powerful enough Mega Mech to force back the alien invaders?